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This is super cute! i loved the color palette and the art especially. When I got to the kingdom for a second i was like "wait, why can I climb these walls?" and then i remembered I was underwater lol.

small note: i think the word "name" is missing in the dialog box with the eel at the beginning

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Haha! Woops you're right. Thanks for pointing that out, and thanks for your kind words! 

Me, while playing this game: Is that a CRAB that's also a MAN?? A MAN CRAB??

I love it!! The art is so good, and i love the little ending mermaid picture!! CUUUTE


I feel like the man crab is a frequently overlooked creature hybrid. Maybe I'll work that into another game! Haha

Cheers for your kind words Emma! 

this is so cute!!! i love the little story and the different endings (though i couldn't find a second coconut??)

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You only need the one...

*remembers that I've set up a function wrong*

Shit! I'll get that fixed, but for now you only need the one coconut from the grocer. Coconuts have two halves you see ;)

Thanks for your support! 

Edit: Fixed my spelling of "Grocer"

oooh that does make sense! i just replayed it and saw the cute coconut bra :P
honestly happens to the best of us! i remember making a terrible error in my game that let u finish the game without collecting all the items >.<;;

*cough* you can totally do that in this *close cough*

I Just give the impression that you can't continue if you don't have the right materials haha, but you can just Yolo right through the game.  I wanted to do something with condition based room changes but I don't think that's something we can yet do in bitsy?

Damn Bitsy's limiting scope.

you could do it if you use hacks- the exit from dialogue is really good for that plus if you don't feel like messing with the html file you can always use borksy   most of the hacks on borksy are from over here

i generally do conditionals that then lead you to a diff room etc since with the hack its just (exit "room,x,y") in the dialogue and you move rooms

are you by any chance in the bitsy discord? we all generally talk about this stuff there

Yeah I didn't feel like feel like messing with the html file. But I didn't know there was easier ways.

Oh, no I'm not on it! Any chance you can send me a link.