We have always wondered how the pyramids were built, now we have the technology to find out as a time manipulator explores the oldest wonder of a modern Earth.


  • Keyboard - Arrow key
  • Mobile - Swipe using your hand digits (or feet digits, doesn't bother me) Doesn't run great on mobile devices, but if you simply must play it then on your own head be it.
  • Walk to edge to Time Warp! (Boo yeah! Time travel mechanics.) 
  • Note - this game has no end, being a time traveller you may through time forever. 

Cheated* using ruin's fantastic tool: Image to Bitsy

*Not so much "cheated", more like "used a readily available tool to quickly create levels".

Created for the Archaeology Bitsy Jam! 


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omg this is great! i really like how you can just jump around to diff times and the animation for the pyramids being build is just wonderful!


Glad you enjoyed it! 


This was really fun!

I love the animation of the pyramids being built :)


Thank you, although it wouldn't have been possible without your fantastic tool!

Wow!!!! I've been impressed by the graphics! They are amazing!